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Background Checks

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CDT’s Pre-Employment Screening Services

CDT has partnered with Acxiom Information Security Services (AISS) to provide multi-layer, 100% in-person/real time FCRA-compliant reports including but not limited to:
  • Criminal record checks
  • Credit reports
  • Employment verifications
  • Education verifications
  • Tenant screening services

These services aid businesses in reducing turnover and shrinkage, decreasing training costs and increasing productivity while protecting the integrity of their companies. AISS is a proud member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, and is committed to:

  • Developing and promoting ethical business practices
  • Promoting compliance with the "Fair Credit Reporting Act"
  • Fostering awareness of consumer protection, privacy and other issues related to pre-employment screening and background screening.

We offer a wide variety of background checks as well as specific packages:

Instant Criminal Check: We run a national criminal access database search. If the initial search comes back clean, we return the report instantly.  However, if we find a potential match, we will verify that data with a live in-person county search and return only verified data. This meets the FCRA requirements.

TRUSST Multi-County Search:  Tracking Residences Using Social Security Trace (TRUSST) checks ALL known addresses that the Social Security Trace provides: in-person county court searches. The TRUSST has proven to significantly increase "hit" or record ratios by revealing previous addresses perhaps intentionally undisclosed by applicants.

Executive Search: Combines the Instant Database Search with a TRUSST. We also include verifications for Employment, Education and References.  The Sex Offender and Terrorist Watch lists are also checked.


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